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Pastoral Supervision

A safe space for a church leader to reflect on their work challenges with a specialist psychosocial professional


The joy and fulfilment of pastoral work can be immense. But so too can the challenges: emotional exhaustion; compassion fatigue; isolation and loneliness; even spiritual crisis.

That’s why we offer this safe space with a skilled psychosocial professional who is well versed in the challenges of pastoral life. With them, a church leader can reflect on their emotions, attitudes, and behaviours, and receive guidance and support from a trusted advisor in a safe and confidential environment. The aim: to help pastors thrive in their life, work and ministry.


✅ Learn to maintain a balance between your personal life and ministry

Identify someone suitable to whom you can be accountable

Improve your self-awareness and resilience

Gain new insights and skills to enhance your effectiveness in ministry


📍 Venue: Online

⏰ Duration: 90 minutes

👥 Suitable for: Any church or ministry leader keen to explore their thoughts and emotions

💬 We Say: “By creating moments to pause and reflect, regular supervision can help prevent vicarious trauma and burnout.”


📖 Why church leaders should prioritise their self care

Organisations have more impact when their people thrive

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