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Mind-Body Awareness

Better understand how one influences the other in order to develop a more holistic approach to your health.


The connection between the mind and body is closer than many people realise.

A person’s thoughts and emotions will influence their physical state. And the health of their body can impact how they think, make decisions and relate with others. When one part suffers, so will the other. When one thrives, so will the other. 

Understanding this link can help people live a more balanced and fulfilling life. Led by one of our psychosocial team, this session involves exploring the mind-body connection, introducing exercises to enhance this awareness, and an opportunity to reflect on the insights that arise from this practice.


✅ Increase your knowledge of mind-body health

Recognise and respond to mind-body health needs

Access practices and tools for mind-body health

Learn to develop a ‘growth mindset’ around mind-body health


📍 Venue: in-person or online

⏰ Duration: 1 hour

👥 Perfect for: Groups or individuals keen to better understand their health and wellbeing 

💬 We say: Your mind, emotions and body are instruments and the way you align and tune them determines how well you play life.”


📖 The Joy of Rest

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