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Be ready to travel anywhere with a tailored medical kit & first aid training


Whether you’re going to work in a hostile environment, or setting off on a relaxing break away from the city, you never know when injury or illness could strike.

Whether it’s a minor cut or a major road accident, if you’re a long way from good medical support, it’s crucial that someone on the scene is ready to respond in an appropriate and timely manner. 

That means the right kit and the right knowledge. Medkits provides both. 

You can buy ready-made kits aimed at specific contexts, or we can tailor a kit for your unique needs. And our training programmes can equip you and your staff with the skills, knowledge and confidence to respond in the event that a doctor or medical professional is not around.


👥 Suitable for: Individuals and organisations who are travelling to rural or remote areas where medical services are hard to access.

💬 We say: “Our ‘sandstorm’ bags provide the quality and durability required to carry the medical supplies into harsh environments, and are designed with compartments and pockets to optimise organisation and accessibility.”

📈 Nearly 80% of deaths from injuries occur in low to middle income countries

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