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Medical Clearance Extension

An online health review to give peace of mind to an individual working away from home for a long period.


For those who have had a Thrive Medical Clearance around a year go, this is a simple online health questionnaire to screen an individual for medical or psychological concerns, and to review their overall health and wellbeing, with the intent of extending their medical clearance from one to two years.

It is designed for individuals who are unable to attend the annual face-to-face medical that we normally recommend.


“Thank you for making our medical such a positive experience.”  — Anonymous

It was really good to meet you. Thank you for your care and interest in us and for your help and advice with our health. Your advice has given us a clear path to follow. We know that we can come back to you in the future with any questions and that truly is a great help and encouragement”.  — Anonymous

“You have a very reassuring manner, great for a doctor! I greatly appreciate the ideas that you planted. All in all, it was a very high-value consultation – thank you!”  — Anonymous

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