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Integrated Mind Body Therapy

Improve wellbeing through greater mind-body awareness


Physical and mental health are intricately connected. How we think, feel and behave affect our bodily states and vice versa. However, we often deal with these experiences in separation, fuelling a state of disconnection and disembodiment.

Our objective is to support your journey towards enhanced professional and personal wellbeing through integrative healthcare practices. These sessions are open to people living with a physical health condition such as chronic pain, cancer, long COVID, a physical trauma. Or individuals experiencing stress, anxiety, low mood, general malaise.

On the other hand, you may be curious to engage in a holistic and integrative form of therapy. The overall aim is to improve your professional and personal wellbeing. The sessions will include talking therapy, bodily practices, we will engage the senses and can even take our session outdoors, if that is appropriate. Over the course of a 60 minute session and in a safe, confidential space, your mind-body awareness will be enhanced through storytelling, education, practice and reflection.

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