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Culture Discovery

An independent review of your organisation’s culture, to help you create a reality that matches your vision.


A good culture will propel and sustain an organisation towards its goals, even during hard times. A bad culture will breed stagnation and decline. What is your culture like?

A culture is made up of the values, beliefs, behaviours and practices in a workplace. Every organisation has its own. But whether it’s emerged organically, or been developed strategically, there’s often a difference between the culture you want and the one you have.

Perhaps you’re not sure what your organisation’s culture is? Or you don’t know how your staff really feel? Or maybe something has gone wrong and you want to put it right? If so, Culture Discovery is a great place to start.

Using our evidenced-based model on how organisations thrive, we will work closely with you to unpack where you are now, and where you want to be, and – crucially – how you can get there.


1️⃣ You tell us what your desired culture would look and feel like

2️⃣ We gather information about your systems, policies, vision, values and history

3️⃣ We co-create and implement a staff survey and focus groups

4️⃣ We analyse all this data to identify areas of success and areas for growth

5️⃣ We present our findings to leadership and then to staff


Duration: We can create a plan to meet your needs

👥 Suitable for: leadership in any organisation – large or small – who want to review how staff feel about the culture in their workplace

💬 We say: “Our approach to this work is strengths based: we want to identify what’s working well, what people love about your company, and where they think there could be improvements.


📖 Why staff need to feel a sense of belonging at work

📖 How to create a more resilient workforce


“Your team has genuine, world-class experts. As they’re based in Nairobi, as well as the rest of your great team globally, we were able to leverage the local and the international skillsets to really get to the heart of what we needed. We were really impressed not only with the emotional intelligence of your team but also with a really rigorous process. No stone was left unturned.” Wayne, CEO 4G Capital

“You have done amazing work to support us in our culture transformation journey.” – Anonymous

“Thank you so much to the whole team at Thrive Worldwide for all the engagement and energy you put into our Culture Survey and report. Your expertise and friendly approach put everyone at their ease so that we could gain a true picture of the culture we have. We really enjoyed the entire process and found it hugely inspiring and informative.” – Anonymous

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Organisations have more impact when their people thrive

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