Thrive through the pandemic with a culture of compassion and resilience.

We’ll show you how.

Now is the time to improve workplace wellbeing

Every individual, every team, every organisation needs to adapt to the changes happening around them in the COVID world. Limits on social interaction, concerns about workplace safety, anxiety and grief: they’re just a few of the concerns affecting employees lives both inside and outside of the work place. As the world evolves at an unprecedented pace, dealing with these concerns is an organisational issue like never before.

No matter where you are, we’re in a COVID world together.

The changes you adopt now will shape your organisation for the future

Covid has reshaped society, is now the time to reshape your organisation to one of compassion and resilience?Investing in equipping your workforce with the skills needed to support conversations about mental health now shouldn’t be considered solely a response to the pandemic. As changes evolve, a resilient workforce will become a key competitive advantage for tomorrow’s less certain world.

Covid has forced wellbeing onto the agenda. 

Globally, 62% of workers consider mental-health issues to be a top challenge during the COVID-19 crisis. (McKinsey). 

Only 30% of employees feel comfortable talking about their mental health with their managers (Mckinsey) 

Failing to address employees’ mental-health issues cumulate to a financial impact of hundreds of billions of dollars

We’ll help you navigate safely through the pandemic 

Build a culture of care, compassion and resilience today, and your organisation will thrive tomorrow.  

Returning To The Workplace

Understand how to respond to the challenges of returning to the workplace in a COVID world. 

  • Advisory support: 1.5 hour presentation with Q&A
  • COVID-19 risk assessment for returning to work
  • Thrive Facilitated Conversation on Returning to the workplace
  • Emerging from lockdown together webinar
  • Dealing with and managing uncertainty and risk webinar

Start Travelling Again

Be prepared and keep safe. Helping you with the practicalities of travelling during a pandemic.

Grow team resilience and be equipped to cope in tough situations.

  • COVID-19 Consultation and PCR test
  • Pre-Assignment Medical
  • Vaccinations
  • Standard Telemedicine Consultation
  • Staying healthy & well during your travel Webinar

Build Team Resilience

Supporting employee well-being as we navigate the course of the pandemic

  • Personal Resilience Check In 
  • Team Resilience Check In
  • Individual Counselling 
  • Shaping your new normal as a team training
  • Managing Fear, Anxiety and Stress in staff training

As the challenges within every organisation are unique, we’ll happily tailor a service to suit your particular needs. 

“We knew it was important to support our staff well through this pandemic, and Thrive’s psychosocial support came highly recommended. Through our team sessions with them, we were able to stop and reflect on our feelings. We learned valuable resilience skills. And we gained confidence to navigate through these uncertain times.”

Beatrice Ogutu, Director ICS Africa

Your 3 Steps To Thriving

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