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When Conflict Impacts You Or Your Workplace

As the upsetting events in Israel and Gaza continue to unfold, we’ve been taking enquiries about ways we can support clients through the different, complex challenges they are facing right now.

We’re of course responding to each enquiry as it comes in, but we want to also share with you a summary of the key ways we can support you or anyone in your team who is impacted by this, or any other, conflict. This includes a selection of free resources. As ever, if you have a specific enquiry you’d like to chat about, then do get in touch with us.

For People Impacted Directly

  • Psychological First Aid. We provide professional psychological support to groups or individuals immediately following a traumatic incident. Learn how it works.
  • Trauma Focused Therapy. When trauma continues to impact a person, we offer this treatment to help aid the healing process. Find out how it works.

For People Impacted Indirectly

  • Staying Resilient. We can facilitate a safe, confidential space for individuals, leaders or teams to process what’s going on and consider their responses. Explore here.
  • Addressing Anxiety. This free resource shares information and guidance to help anyone respond in a healthy way to their feelings of anxiety. Read it here.
  • Understanding Vicarious Trauma. This is a short, free self-care guide for people who are frequently exposed to the trauma of others. Download it here

For Leaders and HR

  • Advisory Support. If you’d like a safe space to share concerns and ask for advice from a psychological professional, then explore this.
  • Psychosocial Supervision. Time with a qualified professional to talk through the impact that supporting others can have on you. Learn more about it.

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