Jess Brainch

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Jess Brainch

Psychologist & Facilitator

Jess is an integrative practitioner supporting individuals and teams to thrive in their work and home environments. She acknowledges the importance of wellbeing as central to leadership and performance, drawing on her expertise in mind-body connection and nature-based solutions for long term health and wellbeing. Jess has a background in sport and exercise psychology and now applies her knowledge of simultaneously optimising performance and wellbeing to working professionals.

Throughout her practice, Jess observes clients responding to their environments, whether this be in the natural world, office conditions or weather patterns. When it comes to our changing climate, she notices how our physical and psychological health is affected. She has developed a health and wellbeing programme to support workers in environmental sectors, specifically conservation and climate change. By applying an integrative approach to professional and personal wellbeing, Jess’s sessions focus on
experiences such as trauma, ecoanxiety and team growth.

Whether clients are living with a physical health condition and / or injury, have experienced a trauma, are looking to enhance professional and personal wellbeing or are curious to build awareness around their mind-body health, Jess also facilitates one to one sessions from a mind-body integrative approach.

Jess has worked and lived in Kenya, South Africa, the UAE and the UK. Having grown up in Kenya, she spent much of her childhood in remote locations and among wildlife. She has a deep appreciation for the natural world. Her wider interests include exploring remote locations (ideally on horseback), freediving, climbing, literature and cooking.

Jess is a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, an HCPC Registered Practitioner Psychologist and a Full Member of the Kenya Psychological Association.

Jess is based in Nairobi, Kenya.