Meet the team

Elizabeth Nekesa

Facilitation & Programmes Manager

Nekesa graduated with a B.A. in Biology with a focus on Biochemistry from Dartmouth College. She is passionate about solving homelessness as well as health and welfare issues affecting vulnerable pediatric and geriatric populations.

After graduating in 2017, Nekesa received a Lombard fellowship from the Dartmouth Center for Service to return to Kenya and work to advocate for the rights of children living and working on the streets in Nairobi. She researched street connectedness, participated in street rescue and reintegration, and also facilitated the rehabilitation processes for street children and families.

Following her fellowship, Nekesa joined the team at Thrive with a deep appreciation for services that cater to the care-giver. She is excited to make sure that those she served with on the ground and others like them can thrive in every way. When she is not working, Nekesa can be found in the kitchen – probably chopping up pumpkins for a yummy pumpkin loaf.

Nekesa is based in Kenya.